Timeframe 2019

Starting 2018, WSA – Albania and Kosovo national Expert, Mr. Dritan Mezini is searching for unique e-Content products that make a difference! Prove the unique value of your product and put it on a global stage at the WSA Global Congress !

How to Participate


Step 1National Pre-Selections

To participate in WSA-Albania and Kosovo 2019, you need to get in contact with your national expert, Mr. Dritan Mezini. He will nominate and submit your country’s eight best e-Content products in each contest category: The WSA-Albania and Kosovo database is open to nominations. To find out whom to contact to submit your product, please get in contact with [email protected]

Step 2 – Jury Process

After the national pre-selection period, a jury of eminent experts will evaluate the submissions and select the 40 best apps- five in every contest category. The WSA Board of directors is in charge of appointing an experienced and gender reflected jury.

Step 3 – WSA Global Congress 2019

The ultimate highlight of the WSA-Albania and Kosovo 2019 will be celebrated at the WSA Global Congress 2019.